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Kam Taj performance life coach motivational speaker London

Academic Workshops & Talks

Kam runs workshops at schools and universities based around the key topics introduced in his books & courses: The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success and 8 Principles of Exam Domination.

Kam's carries out workshops on topics such as:

  • Examinations - time-management, studying tools and techniques, on-the-day exam performance.

  • Oxbridge Interviews - three qualities all interviewers are looking for & on-the-day performance.

  • Motivation - how to create a sustainable source of motivation for your school/university journey.

  • Mental Wellbeing - techniques & practices to effectively manage anxiety, stress, self-doubt, etc.

  • Personal Growth - confronting and overcoming limiting beliefs, insecurities and fears.

  • Career Decisions - career guidance for students feeling pressured to pick a career path.

  • Balance - implementing a healthy lifestyle through physical activity, healthy nutrition, adequate sleep and creating powerful support groups.

To discuss workshop opportunities, please contact Kam by clicking on the link below:

YouTube Videos

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