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Refund Policy

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

No, the credit card pictured isn't mine...which is why I'd happily use it for refunds!


You've just found the most boring blog post on this website!

Unless you're a client or prospective client, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that you read a more interesting post on my blog instead!

But for those who are indeed here for the refund policy:


General refund policies:

  • No refunds available on single sessions (inc. Super-Emergency Exam Coaching sessions) if cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled session.

  • Single sessions and packages are available for 12 months from the date they're booked.

  • Single sessions and packages can be 'gifted' to friends, students or family members - provided that they meet my client/coach compatibility criteria.

Package-specific refund policies:

  • For packages including 4 or more coaching sessions, a full refund is available after the first session - however, I must be advised of this within 24 hours after that first session. Failure to do so will result in the cost of a single session being deducted from the refund.

  • For any package involving 2 or more coaching sessions, cancelling within 48 hours before the time of our first scheduled session will result in the cost of a single session being deducted from the refund.

  • If you book an 8-session package and end up finishing after 4-sessions, the cost of the relevant 4-session package will be subtracted, and the difference will be refunded back to you.


If you have any further questions or would like to clarify any of the policies above, please contact me here.

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