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Kam Taj performance life coach motivational speaker London

Professional Training Programmes

Kam runs professional training programmes at various companies in the form of interactive workshops and talks. These include customised talks delivered to director-level individuals at Leadership Conferences, through to programmes targeted at recent graduates and school-leavers, all of which incorporate relevant skills and behaviours as outlined by the 2017 UK Apprenticeship Levy. His clients have included global law, assurance, advisory and engineering firms. Testimonials can be viewed here.

Example training programmes include:


  • Stress Management & Resilience Training - techniques & practices to effectively manage stress and cultivate resilience in order to optimise work performance.

  • Reflection & Vision Workshop - three-section workshop that involves each attendee evaluating their present situation with regards to key professional and personal life categories, assessing their past progress and mapping out their future goals with respect to their personal and professional values. 

  • Emotional Intelligence - applying the principles of Emotional Intelligence to yield improvements in performance and employee satisfaction in a work environment.

  • Work/Life Balance - learning to create positive behaviours and appropriate boundaries to effectively manage physical & mental health, whilst optimising productivity in the workplace.

  • Professional Career Development - interactive programme where employees create their own Professional Development Blueprint to proactively set and strive towards their career goals.

To discuss training opportunities, please contact Kam by clicking on the link below:

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