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Kam Taj performance life coach motivational speaker London

Academic Coaching

Academic performance coaching can be broken down into two primary areas. 

1. Examination Performance Coaching

2. Interview Preparation Coaching

For access to Kam's online course, The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success, which includes over 100 videos around the 8 Principles of Exam Success, please click here


Examination Performance Coaching (EPC)

Exams are coming up soon. Prime your mind to handle them! Let's maximise your efficiency, build your confidence and own the preparation period in the build up to the big day. This way, you'll know that you're bringing your best to every exam. You may not be able to control the questions in the paper, or who grades it; but you absolutely have control over everything else!

EPC can include services such as:

  • Developing a long-term revision plan to match individual preferences and optimise preparation.
  • Data-driven approach to identifying peak performance times for optimal productivity

  • Mindset coaching focused on specific target areas identified in the initial session

  • Emphasis on physical health and mental well-being in order to balance exam stress, prevent early-peaking and maximise chances of achieving desired results.

Contact Kam to request an information pack outlining coaching packages and rates.


Interview Performance Coaching (IPC)

This is the coaching package for students who have concerns about upcoming interviews - whether for university applications, sixth-form applications or jobs.​​

IPC can include services such as:

  • Communication coaching (verbal and non-verbal) to ensure a positive impression on interviewer

  • Mindset coaching aimed at reprogramming any fears, anxieties and doubts that are arising as a result of the interview

  • Mock-interview practice if requested

Contact Kam to receive an information pack outlining coaching packages and rates.

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