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1-1 student Coaching

Having graduated from Cambridge University with a 1st-class Undergraduate & Masters degree in Engineering, I published The Ultimate Guide To Exam Success and created the Exam Success Academy online coaching programme. 

As an accredited coach with 9-years experience, I offer 1-1 academic coaching with students on areas such as time-management, stress & mindset management, scientifically-backed studying tools and learning techniques, and on-the-day exam performance.



I coach students to attain their ideal academic grades and cultivate valuable life skills while optimising their physical health & mental wellbeing:

  • Time-Management: Creating sustainable study plans, overcoming procrastination, task prioritisation tools.

  • Mindset-Management: Managing stress, dealing with anxiety, creating motivation, overcoming self-doubt, low confidence, and fear of failure.

  • Studying Tools & Techniques: Scientifically-backed revision tools for each subject.

  • On-The-Day Performance: How to perform at your best before, during, and after your exams.

  • Lifestyle Optimisation for Exam Success: Incorporating exercise, better nutrition and improved sleep habits into students' hectic lifestyles.

To me, these skills aren't simply to help a student excel in their exams. Time-management, emotional intelligence, effective learning methods, performing under pressure, and lifestyle optimisation will provide benefits over the course of their career and lives.

I've worked with students from the top UK & international schools and universities from ages of 15-22. Please contact me to learn more, or if you'd like parent & student testimonials. 


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Through my company, Exam Success Academy, my team and I help students with:

  • Oxbridge & Medicine Interview Coaching: Teaching students the different attributes that interviewers are looking for & how to convey them through applying my 'EAT' Framework. Offering preparation, mindset and performance tips for the interview itself.

  • Mock-Interview Practice: Providing mock-interviews from experienced tutors and teachers.

  • Personal Statement Guidance: Helping students to ideate, structure, and refine their personal statement.

  • Admission Test Coaching: Helping students prepare for the UCAT, TSA, ESAT, and other university-specific entrance exams.

  • Tutoring: I have a team of 30+ hand-selected tutors, all of whom are teachers from top schools & high-performing Oxbridge students. They provide subject tutoring for GCSE, A-Level and IB exams.

I believe that each of these areas provides students with opportunities to develop advantageous skills & a growth mindset:

  • Interview practice and guidance can help them build their confidence and communication skills for when they apply to jobs.

  • Personal statement guidance can help a student learn how to synthesise and present their experiences with a coherent narrative.

  • Admission tests teach students vital time-management skills - balancing their A-Level/IB commitments alongside extra preparation for admissions exams.

Please contact me to learn more, or if you'd like parent & student testimonials. 


How to work with me

We'll always start with a short meeting or call to see if we're a good fit.

In our call, we'll identify:

  • Your key goals and desired outcomes from coaching for your child.

  • Your child's current situation.

  • Frequency and duration of our coaching sessions (including flexible arrangements).

To arrange this call & for further details on pricing, please contact me below.

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SH, Parent & Founder of the 11+ Journey & Oxbridge University Journey

"I am so glad that my children have access to such a mentor. My eldest received an offer to study Medicine at Cambridge University and achieved 3A* and 1A at A-Level, while my younger son achieved 12 x 9-grades in his GCSEs. Couldn't be more grateful to Kam."
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