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1-1 executive & life Coaching

With 9 years of coaching experience, multiple ICF-accredited coaching qualifications, and and being selected as one of the first 15 experienced coaches to study a Masters degree in Coaching at Cambridge University, I work with a small number of exclusive private clients through my 1-1 coaching services.


My coaching style is integrative, evidence-based, and tailored entirely to you. Where appropriate, I draw on the neuroscience of behaviour change, systemic coaching principles, psychodynamic theories (Jungian, with a sprinkle of Freudian), and multiple evidence-based psychological and philosophical approaches to coaching, specifically Acceptance & Commitment Coaching (ACC), Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC), and Existential Coaching.


& Life

I coach executives, founders & leaders who are:

  • Stuck in old patterns & behaviours that are no longer serving them - but that they are struggling to let go of.

  • Experiencing an existential or meaning 'crisis' as they reach the pinnacle of their profession.

  • Looking to grow not just as executives, but as parents, partners, and community leaders.

  • Dealing with complexity in their personal lives - for example, divorce, illness, or a partner, child, or parent suffering from ill health.

Together, we'll create clarity, purpose, alignment and fulfilment across multiple domains of your life.



A key area of focus for many of my executive & founder clients is their relationships:

  • Co-founder dynamics

  • Colleague dynamics

  • Personal relationships - dating, marriage & divorce

  • Parenting

  • Relationship dynamic changes - e.g. becoming a carer for a loved one.

One of my clients told me that they originally came to me tactically to focus on work-based confidence after a promotion setback. But once we resolved that, they found the biggest value of our coaching to be around how we overcame limiting beliefs around their personal romantic relationships.

I take this as the highest compliment.


Our relationships are significant determinants for our level of fulfilment and satisfaction in our lives. I don't believe career success needs to come at the expense of our relationships - if anything, I believe the lessons we glean from both domains are highly transferrable. 

I don't do everything as a coach. But coaching on what it means to lead (leadership), and what it means to relate to others (relationships) are two areas I consider to be my biggest strengths.

If you value these qualities and are seeking to develop them through coaching, please do get in touch.


How to work with me

We'll always start with a short meeting or call to see if we're a good fit.

In our call, we'll identify:

  • Your key goals and desired outcomes from coaching.

  • Your preference for a tailored, ad-hoc coaching programme or my structured 6-month 'Self Leadership' Programme with weekly Insight & Activity documents.

  • Frequency and duration of our coaching sessions (including flexible arrangements).

  • In-person vs remote coaching sessions.

In terms of funding, we have several options:

  1. Organisation: Many organisations have a budget for Executive Coaching programmes.

  2. L&D Budget: You can allocate a portion of your annual L&D budget to fully cover or subsidise your coaching.

  3. Individual: You can fund your own coaching privately.

If you'd like to enquire about my coaching services, please get in touch by clicking the link below.

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NT, Head of Product (Ex-Bain & OakNorth)

"I came to you tactically to rebuild my confidence and resilience in a work context, but very quickly, you helped me resolve that and we began to focus on my personal relationships. your versatility & breadth of expertise as a coach is one of your biggest assets.
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