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founding teams

I run leadership development programmes for start-ups and scale-ups to help founding teams & team leads grow their leadership skills to adapt to ever-changing demands as their companies scale.

Alongside my private 1-1 coaching practice, I’m an executive/leadership coach for multiple VC firms' portfolio companies, as well as the in-house Team Lead Development Coach at Field Energy (Series C). My Masters degree in Coaching (Cambridge University) research project is focused on the evolving coaching needs of founders as they scale.


the cost of poor leadership

As a founder, you want your company to grow. But as you scale, you risk your company outgrowing you. The hard truth is that the skills that enabled you to grow a business from 0 to 1 won't take you from 1 to 10 (and beyond). To scale your company sustainably, your founding team also need to scale their leadership skills. 

The cost of poor leadership is amplified in start-ups where you're always racing against limited time and funding. A key team member leaving can derail the entire company. Unresolved co-founder conflicts result in poor, emotionally-driven decisions. Delaying a difficult conversation can lead to missing key deadlines. Poor communication creates mismatches in output expectations with dire consequences. A tense, psychologically unsafe environment hinders innovation and growth.

There are many ways to fail as a start-up. No product-market fit. Unscalable processes. Uncontrollable market shifts. Small network. Bad timing.

But people - and leadership, specifically - should never be the reason your company fails.


How I can help

This is where I come in.


I coach founding teams on:

  • Identifying their leadership competency gaps. 

  • Embracing flexible leadership styles in a fast-paced, uncertainty-riddled environment.

  • Creating a high-performance, sustainable culture.

  • Embracing difficult conversations & handling conflict.

No two start-ups are the same. I don't do cookie-cutter programmes.


Get in touch, and we'll create a leadership training programme and/or executive coaching package for your founding team that's tailored to your organisation's size, funding stage, values, industry, and ambitions.


How to work with me

We'll always start with a short meeting or call to see if we're a good fit.


In this meeting, we'll clarify what your tailored programme could look like in terms of:

  • Workshops and 1-1 coaching

  • F2F vs Remote sessions (vs Hybrid)

  • What ROI you expect from coaching

In terms of funding, we have several options:

  1. VC-Driven: Some VCs will subsidise/cover the costs for leadership development for founding teams.

  2. Organisationally-Driven: We can create a programme that fits within your company's training/coaching budget.

  3. Individually-Driven: You can allocate a portion of your annual L&D budget to coaching sessions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch by clicking the link below.

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HL, Field (Employee No. 3)

"Your coaching feels calm and measured but not political or like I'm talking to someone who is acting as a mediator in the best interests of the company. Your experience really shows in how you handle these types of situations."
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