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coaching services

I run leadership development programmes for start-ups and scale-ups to help founding teams & team leads grow their leadership skills to adapt to ever-changing demands as their companies scale.

Alongside my private 1-1 coaching practice, I’m an executive/leadership coach for multiple VC firms, as well as the in-house Team Lead Development Coach at Field Energy. As part of my Masters in Coaching, my dissertation focuses on the different coaching needs of VC-backed founding teams as their start-ups scale.


founding teams

Poor leadership can sink an early-stage start-up operating on limited runway. I offer tailored workshops & executive coaching packages for founding teams to help them optimise their performance, handle conflicts, & 'scale' their leadership skills as their companies grow.


team leads & Managers

The skills that got you promoted to a managerial position won't help you excel as a leader. I offer tailored team-lead development workshops & coaching packages to transform managers into leaders.


workshops & Keynotes

I offer workshops for company offsites ranging from 90 minutes to full-day events, as well as 20-60 minute keynotes at events. Learn more about my most popular workshops and keynote topics below.


1-1 executive, leadership &
life coaching

I work with a small number of exclusive private clients through my 1-1 coaching services. From my 6-month 'Self-Leadership' programme through to ad-hoc coaching sessions focusing on professional and/or personal themes, click below to learn more about how I can help.

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Since the UK Apprenticeship Levy, I offer workshops for organisations to train their apprentices and graduates on early-career skills to enable them to become future leaders. I also offer discounted 1-1 coaching sessions to professionals in the first 0-2 years of their career.

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