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Testimonials from individual clients, companies and organisations for coaching, speaking and training services.

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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching: Testimonials

"I requested Interview Coaching sessions with Kam in preparation for my Chemical Engineering interviews at Cambridge University and  Imperial College. Mock interview sessions with Kam really help you to simulate the environment that you will be faced with during interviews in top universities such as Imperial and Cambridge. Not only are you prepared by provision of interview styled questions (technical and personal statement related), you are also given constructive feedback during such sessions."

UPDATE: Abhishek received an offer from Churchill College, University of Cambridge, to study Chemical Engineering in October 2018.

/// Abhishek B, 17

"Kam coached and mentored me throughout my Cambridge application process, resulting in being offered a place to study there commencing October 2018. Kam ran sessions with me to work on my organisation and time management for my A-Level exams, through creating a well-structured timetable for me to aid me with my studies.

Once I had been invited for my interview, I began interview preparation classes with Kam. We spent the first session completely focused on a timeline for my upcoming weeks – advising me on what topics to research and how to divide my time. This timetable was particularly useful as it gave structure to my preparation. Throughout the next few sessions, Kam led me through a series of mock interviews , giving me feedback on every answer as well as handing me exemplar answers. It was clear that Kam had spent a lot of time outside of our sessions preparing materials to go through. Kam taught me how important structuring your response is for an interview, a skill that I will use for many years.

Overall, Kam’s excellent communication skills and broad width and depth of knowledge, coupled with his determination to help me succeed made him not only an exceptional tutor, but a superb mentor as well."

UPDATE: Nima received an offer from Gonville & Caius College, University of Cambridge, to study Land Economy in October 2018.

/// Nima S, 18

"After not achieving the grades I needed for my university place, I decided to retake some exams- this meant that it was crucial that I perform well this time round. As a naturally anxious person, this worried me a lot, and so a week before my most challenging exam my parents recommended that I speak to Kam about my situation. I explained to him what my main issues were - I was getting thrown off by the more difficult questions, and as a result would struggle with...

UPDATE: Raya achieved 3A's in her A-levels, including a 93/100 in the paper referenced in this testimonial! She commenced studying a Law degree at University of Birmingham in September 2016.

Raya Nili

/// Raya N, 19

Dylan Amin

"Going to the University of Cambridge had been my life-long dream and upon receiving an interview, I understandably began feeling extremely anxious and unnecessarily negative. I had two interview experiences for unrelated opportunities earlier that year and had failed at both, making me seriously doubt my own ability. I felt an immense pressure to achieve my dreams that was too intense for my own two shoulders to carry. I decided to confide in Kam...

UPDATE: Dylan received an offer from St. Catharine's College, University of Cambridge, to study Land Economy. He met his offer and commenced his studies in October 2016.

/// Dylan A, 18

"I received an interview to study Engineering at Trinity College, Cambridge, and wanted to do some mock-interviews in preparation for my real one. Kam ran through several questions with me on various topics, some of them applying concepts I had studied in a new context, others introducing me to completely new content. After the questions, he provided valuable feedback and some more insights on what interviewers are looking for. I really would recommend Kam to anyone looking for interview practice for Oxbridge Engineering interviews"

/// Lan N H, 18

"I am studying Medicine at UCL and was really struggling with stress management. It was getting so severe that it was impacting how much work I could do, which in turn was making me more stressed. During our session, Kam challenged some of my thoughts, really digging into the root of what was making me stressed. He made me think about things I had never even thought about."


"This new-found self-awareness has been key in helping me overcome my anxiety during exam time. He also offered resources and solutions to help me feel more organised with my work, and thus less stressed. I have been able to stay on top of my work this year, and even with exams looming I feel much more in control, and certainly not as stressed as last year. His support was invaluable, and delivered in such an empathetic way. He has given me the ability to deal with exams in a much more healthy way, where they don't take over my life."

/// Tara A, 22

"Kam is the man! I had a Cambridge offer for Maths, but I'd come up with a lot of reasons to convince myself it wasn't the right place for me. Kam helped me realise that actually I was afraid I wouldn't get the results I needed, so was trying to push it away. After I saw him, my whole work ethic changed! He showed me how to construct a long-term revision plan so that I could fit in all the revision I needed to make sure I had no regrets whether I got in or not! I was so motivated to work that year! While I didn't meet my STEP offer, because of Kam I know I got the best A-level grades I could have possibly asked for. He is the man!"

UPDATE: Having achieved the necessary A-level grades, Juwon accepted his second-choice offer to study Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London. 

/// Juwon R, 18

"Kam has been coaching me on issues concerning AS-levels and my social life. For example, with AS-levels, I wanted to improve my 'on-the-day' exam mentality so I could perform at my best. We managed to break this down and together came up with a few simple but helpful solutions which I was able to implement. I hope to use these with future exams also. On top of this, we developed a close relationship. Now I consider him as the big brother I never had!"

/// Ben B, 17

Professional Coaching: Testimonials

Professional Coaching

"I have gained great deal of benefit from Kam's coaching over the months. His coaching methods have provided a much-needed motivator to help me move forward. The sessions were perfect for what I needed. He is very good at bringing about a sense of calm. He operates in a completely non-judgemental fashion, which enabled me to be open to deeply exploring the issue as well as my potential solutions and actions. 


Throughout the sessions, he asked relevant and often searching questions to help me think about my issues in ways that I hadn't really thought of previously. For example, one of the key moments for me when attempting to find a solution to my apparent procrastination was to look back at what I was achieving. This led me to appreciate that I was being particularly harsh on myself. This enabled me to see what I was achieving and to acknowledge the progress I was making. Something that had been eluding me! This had the knock on effect of bolstering my motivation further. 

I acknowledge that I sometimes have a tendency to go off on a tangent, particularly when I'm exploring ideas. Kam's polite interventions ensured that I got the maximum possible benefit from the allotted sessions. His keen questioning and gentle prodding enabled my to appreciate what it was I wanted to head for, as well as expediting the process of getting there. I was able to better focus on the things that mattered and park the things that weren't so important

I felt Kam was genuinely interested in me as a person as well as being keen to understand and work with the subject matter I brought to the sessions. This was both during the sessions, and also in the intervening periods between sessions. His words of encouragement were very effective.

I would definitely recommend Kam as a coach and wish him every success in his business. Thank you Kam!"

/// Steve Frost, Founder at Shibuya Coaching

"As I approached a stage in my life where I realised I needed to make some drastic changes in order to create a more secure future, I found the thought of this challenge scary, worrying and confusing. I had a hundred questions buzzing around in my head. Which direction to turn? What to do? How to do it? How could I make it work?

Meeting Kam changed everything. From our first coaching session, I felt comfortable and in good hands. With his calm and reassuring approach, along with a quiet confidence, he made me feel at ease with his carefully placed questions, encouraging me to think outside of the box and consider things I'd never have thought of on my own. After only a couple of sessions, I was already feeling decidedly more positive, inspired, focused, determined and even excited about the future. After a few more, I had begun making some serious headway in more than one new direction and that light at the end of the tunnel is getting closer all the time."

/// Martin Coleman, Speaker & Children's Book Author

Professional Training Workshops

Professional Workshops: Testimonials

"Kam held a ‘Reflection & Vision’ session with the apprentices at Moore Stephens LLP in August 2018, using the time to evaluate and celebrate how much they had achieved since joining the firm. Kam concluded the session by exploring and planning for the future, providing appropriate templates and tools to help our apprentices pinpoint what they want to achieve and what actions they need to take in order to get there. This was an engaging, fast-paced session that really got the apprentices thinking and challenging themselves. A great success!"

Elizabeth Stacey

Senior Learning & Development Manager, Moore Stephens LLP  

London, United Kingdom

Kam recently delivered a session at Moore Stephens LLP entitled ‘Reflection & Vision.’ The session was geared towards apprentices at the Firm. Kam's approach to the session was very well-structured, adopting a linear past, present, future structure which made it easy to follow. One of Kam's strengths lay in his ability to engage the apprentices and stimulate discussion among them. Furthermore, Kam equipped them with tools which they can go on to use going forward such as the Personal Audit form. Many thanks Kam, we look forward to working with you again.

Beatrice Waller

Learning & Development Administrator, Moore Stephens LLP  

London, United Kingdom

Kam delivered a talk at Slaughter and May on business behaviours, resilience and stress management to around 25 mid-level to senior associates from different African law firms that Slaughter and May have relationships with.

The talk was well-targeted to the challenges lawyers face and really understood its audience, who gave Kam excellent feedback. Kam has an excellent understanding of the pressures that lawyers face and equipped the audience with original and innovative tools/mechanisms for managing a heavy workload, competing demands on one's time and high pressure situations. 

Throughout the talk, Kam drew upon (i) his scientific background (e.g. in explaining the biological triggers of stress), (ii) experience as a management consultant (e.g. in giving examples of how to behave in a corporate environment) and (iii) success as a sportsman (e.g. by building parallels to how athletes create a 'winning' mentality) to provide a holistic perspective. He was able to respond well to the audience's questions and managed to make the talk interactive.

Especially impressive was Kam's ability to connect with and convey all of this so effectively to lawyers from different countries and backgrounds, of whom many were non-native English speakers

A polished and fluent speaker, Kam is engaging, entertaining and humorous. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Julius Handler

Associate (Dispute Resolution), Slaughter & May

London, United Kingdom

“As I was organising the Stress Management and Workplace Well-Being talk at Mace, I was concerned that one talk would not be able to cater to the large range of people that would be in attendance. I was really grateful that Kam kept in such good contact leading up to the talk, questioning exactly what it was we wanted so that he was able to cater to talk specifically to our needs.

Since the talk, I have only had positive feedback from all who were in attendance, and I would definitely agree with them. Not only was Kam engaging, he also gave practical skills that you could use in everyday life to help manage time and stress. I was definitely impressed, and would recommend Kam to any organisation looking to improve their employees’ or students’ well-being!”

Tabitha Mainstone

Assistant Project Manager, Mace Group

Birmingham, United Kingdom

“I thought Kam’s talk was really engaging and offered some really useful techniques that can help with stress and time management, that you don’t always think about. It was also interesting to learn more about how a positive attitude towards stress can turn it into something that is actually helpful as again, I think this is quite overlooked in general. Having previously been quite sceptical as to how much I would get from the session, I was really impressed with how Kam managed to keep our group interested in the topic and was able to suggest new techniques and the benefit of them without sounding patronising.”

Olivia Burton,

Project Manager, Mace Group

Birmingham, United Kingdom

“Really positive person and made the workshop relatable to different scenarios even though I’ve only been with the company for a short period of time. I’ve definitely gained skills for the future!" 

Tiv Lall,

Mace Group

Birmingham, United Kingdom

"Moore Stephens was pleased to welcome Kam to facilitate a session with trainees on ‘How To Carve Your Ideal Career Path’. The aim was to encourage junior talent to start thinking about what their career aspirations are and how they are going to achieve them.

Kam did a great job breaking down the trainees’ career aspirations into bite-sized chunks and got them discussing and planning what they would need to do at what point and with whose support, in order to be successful. The group were really engaged by Kam’s personal examples and the various tips and resources he shared with them. "

Elizabeth Stacey

Learning & Development Manager, Moore Stephens  

London, United Kingdom

Schools & Uni Speaking

Speaking at Schools: Testimonials

“Many thanks for coming to present at the 11th St Paul’s School Medical Conference for state school and academy students on 19 th June 2018 at St Paul’s School. Your presentation was excellent, clear, motivating and energising for the students who voted your talk on their feedback forms as the best of the day.

Comments from the students included:
“excellent explanation of how to perform at the interview”
“motivating and inspiring”


Many thanks again for giving up your time for this worthwhile project."

Dr. Clive Handler BSc (Hons), MD, MRCP, FESC, FACC
Consultant Cardiologist
Royal Free Hospital
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, UCL

“Kam is an incredibly entertaining and inspirational speaker; he engages pupils and connects with them on a personal level to deliver his incredibly important message. The pupils left feeling rejuvenated and reassured by his advice and many were interested in finding out more. His message is one of humility and a worthwhile one for all pupils facing the challenges this world poses to mental health.”

Laura Miller,

Sixth Form Coordinator, Mill Hill School

Mill Hill, London, United Kingdom

“Kam was an excellent speaker who related well to our students and gave them an interesting and insightful Oxbridge Preparation Course.  I would recommend him to schools looking to prepare their pupils for university and we would definitely like to have him back next year!”

Charlotte Coleman

Head Of Lower Sixth, Queen Elizabeth's Boys School,

Barnet, London, United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for attending our 2016 Year 11 Careers Event and speaking about your educational and personal experiences. On the evening, and after the event, I had numerous parents and students contact me to comment on how useful they found your talk.

Students are under increasing pressure in today's society to identify and pursue a chosen career from an early age. Your talk opened their eyes to the many routes available to them and the importance of keeping an open mind and playing to their strengths. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to speak to other students in 2017"

Dr. S Westcott,

Head of Pupil Progression, Queen Elizabeth's Boys School

Barnet, London, United Kingdom

"Kam participated in Twenty Years of Kumon Whetstone celebrations on 28th November 2016. Kumon students and their parents were inspired by his speech.


Kam is an accomplished and enthusiastic speaker who knows how to motivate children of all ages. I am sure Kam's company will go from strength to strength in the future. 

Best wishes from Michelle Mandak and everyone at Kumon Whetstone!"

Michelle Mandak,

Owner, Kumon Whetstone Maths & English

Whetstone, London, United Kingdom

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